We’ve added to our range of marquees and are proud to introduce a new product. Finlandia Tents or sometimes called Sailcloth Tents.

These are a light and bright option for any event from cocktail parties to outdoor weddings and corporate events. These are more suited to level land sites but can transform a standard outdoor space into an unforgettable event location with their elegant features.

These tents can have completely or partially enclosed wall systems as an option. And can have a curtain wall that is translucence, semi translucence or total blockout.

These are also available for purchase and are suitable for a semi-permanent application. If you have the venue we have the outdoor solution for you.

Nomadic Tents can now cover your event or available space for a few hours or several years…

Nomadic Tents can cover your wedding, your party, your corporate event or even a unique warehouse and storage solution.

Now more than ever we are covering Australia with our unique and visually stunning cover solutions.

If you have an event coming up contact us for a solution, backyards, beer gardens, wineries, estates, car parks, or beaches we’ve got you covered.

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  • Seated (Formal event)Standing (Cocktail event)