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Nomadic Freestyle Marquees also known as Bedouin style, Free form Tents or Stretch Tents are the most versatile cost effective all weather outdoor event structure available in Australia today. They can be pegged or weighted, making them suitable for all types of ground surfaces. They can also be installed where a standard marquee cannot, on uneven ground, a slope, from a roof, and many other difficult areas.

AVAILABLE FOR HIRE AND BUY – Nomadic Tents are made in these Styles

  • Cinema Style (see gallery below for photo examples)
  • Cocktail Style (see gallery below for photo examples)
  • Formal Seated (see gallery below for photo examples)

Technologically Advanced Materials

  • Waterproof
  • Fire retardant
  • UV Resistant
  • Versatile
  • Durable
Freeform Marquee hire in Australia

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  • Please note: See gallery above for style examples. e.g. Cinema Style, Cocktail Style, Formal Seated
  • Please note: CLICK HERE to see more information regarding accessories we can source for you

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  • Seated (Formal event)Standing (Cocktail event)
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Freeform Marquee for any events
large Freeform Marquees for corporate events

Tent Hire Guide

When hiring a tent for your event there are a few important areas of consideration:


  • Where will your tent be situated?
  • Are there any obstructions or areas that may need specialist attachments?

Should your location be unusual in any way, we’ll need to know to ensure we provide you with the perfect Event Tent.


The installation time varies according to the situation & location. Every installation is unique so we discuss the specifics in detail prior to erecting the Tent. On average a 200m2 tent takes approximately 6hrs to install including a lighting package. Other extras will increase the time required.

Tent Size Requirements:

We’ll need to know the size of the Tent you wish to hire. Check the Tent Hire Guide below for estimates on size of tents required according to the usage, number of guests, seating etc. Don’t stress, if you’re unsure, contact your local Nomadic Tents agent on 1300 554835 for assistance.

A simple way of working out your tent rental requirements, is to use the following guide…
1. A formal event where people are seated at tables usually requires around 2 sqm/person, so a wedding for 100 people will need a marquee of around 200 sqm.
2. A cocktail event where people are mostly standing usually requires around 1,5 sqm/person, so a wedding for 100 people will need a marquee of around 150 sqm.
“However”, it does also depend on the following, the style of event you want, the type of furniture you choose (table sizes), if there is entertainment (staging, dance floor, DJ), and your catering requirement (space for a bar, food area etc..)


  • Nomadic Tents Hire Stretch & Bedouin Tents in a range of colors:
  • Colour Options: Ivory | Latte | Red | Pink | White | Blue
Bedouin Stretch Tent with lights
Bedouin Stretch Tent for weddings and parties
Freeform Marquee hire for weddings and parties

Tent Hire Price Guide

The cost to Hire a Stretch or Bedouin Tent is comparable to a marquee but in our opinion gives our clients so much more, our quotes include installation/dismantle/pick up and delivery. Below is a rough guide to the size requirement depending on the use of the tent, number of guests and seating arrangements.

Guest Cinema Style Cocktail Style Formal Seated
40 50sqm 60sqm 80sqm
80 80sqm 120sqm 160sqm
120 120sqm 180sqm 260sqm
250 260sqm 380sqm 520sqm

We are willing to discuss significant discounts for larger structures or regular users. Please contact us for a variety of incentives we have available and offer to our regular clients eg. Resorts, Golf Clubs, Winery’s, Venue’s with outdoor space, etc. Our tents are more durable and can cope with extreme weather, it is advisable to research and get information on wind management for any temporary structure. We can provide engineering certification to any client.

Accessories for your event

Click here for our tent accessories page

We can source almost anything. We have developed working relationships with major suppliers so if we don’t have a hire item available one of our suppliers are very likely to.
Fooring | Decor | Catering | Lighting and more…
Exciting event Extra’s – Golf Simulation, Synthetic Grass

We are happy to discuss package deals with clients based on ordering our accessories:

For example:

150m2 White Nomadic Tent – Northern Beaches – $ 3300

+ Upgraded Lighting package $ 400 – discount 10 %

= a saving of $ 370.

Whatever your event style, theme or colors, Nomadic Tents has everything you need to set the tone, create the exact ambiance you’re after to ensure your event is a success from the moment your guests arrive!

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